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    Fanatic Fly Air Backpack Premium Red
    For easy transport and storage.
    Quantity available : 100
    CHF 129.00
    Not available
  • IO.15.NEG.050.NEO-BLK
    ION Neo Gloves 3/2 50/M Neoprene Black
    ION Neo gloves 3/2 are perfect for colder days
    Quantity available : 100
    CHF 89.00
    Not available
  • FA.15.RIA.710.INF
    Fanatic Ripper Air 7'10''
    At 7’10”, the Ripper Air is the perfect Inflatable for all-round fun on the water. The size and width create the ultimate stable platform for first timers and also first small waves, while the innovative design makes it especially user-friendly.
    Quantity available : 100
    CHF 789.00
    Not available
  • FO.15.PAP.225.GLF-MOO
    Foolmoon Papaya - Moon Vario 225 cm Fiberglass
    This versatile paddle is designed for the whole family
    Quantity available : 100
    CHF 229.00
    Not available
  • FA.15.BAC.081.HYB-3PC
    Fanatic Bamboo Carbon 40 3 Pcs 8'0
    Perform in style with the Bamboo Carbon 40. Benefiting from the Union joint system, as well as the Bamboo Glass Sandwich, this is an outstanding construction for those starting to gain skill on a SUP. The twist and flex in the blade is superbly controlled through its’ design.
    Quantity available : 100
    CHF 259.00
    Not available
  • FA.15.RAY.110.WOO
    Fanatic Ray 11'0''x 30'' Wood
    The Ray has been modified to enhance its ease of movement through the water. Softening the deck edge of the rail by pulling it flush into the top of the board, has given an all-round smoother appearance and is ultimately more user-friendly. The stretched outline, stabilising square tail and generous nose width, maximise the waterline. Taking inspiration from our Race Series, the smooth curves from the tail and nose rocker release water fluidly leaving your paddle stroke uninterrupted.
    Quantity available : 100
    CHF 1'849.00
    Not available
  • FA-15-FAR-126-INF-265
    Fanatic Fly Air Race 12'6''x 26'5''
    The ease of the inflatable comes into its own with the Fly Air Race. With all the high performance aspects taken from our hard base Falcon Raceboards 12’6” BOP and 14’0” and being integrated into our inflatable technology your options are fast and limitless in 2015.
    Quantity available : 100
    CHF 1'269.00
    Not available
  • FA.15.FAT.110.INF
    Fanatic Fly Air Touring 11'0''
    Touring, exploring and discovering is all part of what makes a great SUP session. The Fly Air Touring board is the inflatable version of our Ray, a cruiser with immense glide.
    Quantity available : 100
    CHF 979.00
    Not available
  • IO.15.POJ.000.TEX-BLK
    ION Poncho Junior Black
    Mobile changing room and beach towel
    Quantity available : 100
    CHF 49.00
    Not available
  • NA.15.JGX.126.CBN
    Naish Javelin X28 Carbon GX 12'6''
    The Javelin is an expert level race design suitable for ambitious racers and professional competition.  
    Quantity available : 100
    CHF 2'279.00
    Not available
  • NA.15.CRK.080.INF
    Naish Crossover Keiki Air 8'0''
    One board to rule them all! SUP & Windsurf
    Quantity available : 100
    CHF 1'219.00
    Not available
    Naish SUP Protection Tape
    Protect your SUP and your paddle
    Quantity available : 100
    CHF 30.00
    Not available
  • NA.15.BWS.810.TEX
    Naish Boardbag Wide Style 8'10''
    Don't let your board become damaged during storage and transportation
    Quantity available : 100
    CHF 109.00
    Not available
  • SB.15.EPH.210.DIV-VAR
    Starboard Enduro Paddle For Hope RDS Premuim Vario M Size
    A well balanced blade design with a medium dihedral providing great stability and good power.
    Quantity available : 100
    CHF 179.00
    Not available
  • NA.15.SPO.085.ALU-3PC
    Naish Sport 8'5'' Alu 3 Pcs
    The Sport is a versatile paddle for novice paddlers, schools and recreational cruising. 
    Quantity available : 100
    CHF 79.00
    Not available

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