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Naish Javelin X28 Carbon GX 12'6''
  • Naish Javelin X28 Carbon GX 12'6''
  • Naish Javelin X28 Carbon GX 12'6''
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Naish Javelin X28 Carbon GX 12'6''
La Javelin est la planche pour ceux qui ne font aucun compromis

The Javelin 12'6" X28 GX is an expert level race design suitable for ambitious racers and professional competition.  It features a state-of-the-art rocker line and newly developed deck and bottom shape for lightning fast acceleration and ultimate gliding speed.  Available in both 26” and 28” wide designs.

The advanced dihedral nose shape allows water to instantly release instead of wrap, forcing water to split off the sides of the board instead of toward the riders feet. More lift is also created thanks to the nose’s ability to vertically slice through water when pearling, allowing the rider to continue their smooth pace without interruption. In addition, the center double-concave bottom shape provides maximum directional stability while the wider tail and tucked edges allow for controlled yet aggressive buoy turns.


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CHF 2'279.00
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